Summer can lead to EBV reactivation. Here are some pearls from my clinic every person with EBV should know!

We will discuss 7 tips for summer and then I will also share more clinical pearls for hydration with you, as we are heating up, both in the US but also in Europe. Overheating and dehydration are very stressful on the body – AND – stress is the number one reactivating factor for EBV. You can see how important hydration is!

I recently did a post on Instagram with some recipes to stay hydrated this summer.


8 Summer Tips for EBV

  1. Avoid burning smoke to prevent EBV reactivations: whether it is burning forests, a fire pit (sit away from the wind), grilling meat, dioxins from burning reactivate EBV.
  2. Avoid fireworks. They are high in chemicals, remain in the air weeks after they’ve been fired and also contain dioxins, which reactivate EBV.
  3. Avoid overheating.  Sun is important, but chronic EBV and over-exposure to sun or overheating do not mix. Take Vitamin D.
  4. Avoid summer junk meals.  As one study showed, just one fast food meal increased NFkB by 150% for 2 hours and EBV uses NFkB to replicate. Be more conscious where you eat out and what quality food you eat.
  5. Use technology to help you find healthy food choices when traveling. Try the Happy Cow website or app on your phone to find more plant based restaurants, health food stores, etc,. It is global and you will be surprised by places to eat you can find no matter where you are. Often, restaurants that specialize in vegetarian or vegan cuisine have better quality food.
  6. Nutritious is the word. Studies confirm that as your nutritional status drops, your EBV becomes more aggressive, so the food quality really matters. That also means – better quality drinks. Avoid sodas or water in plastic bottles. Opt for mineral water or your own filtered water.
  7. Do not skip on sleep. Summer is exciting, and we want to enjoy the evenings fully well into the night! For some in our community, going to sleep too late and off the schedule is enough to reactivates EBV. I am one of those people.
  8. Take these digestive enzymes with you when you travel or eat out and have a packet with water right after a heavy meal – I find them to be the most effective and quick remedy for meals that you know you should not have had…

Enjoy summer. Safely. Without EBV reactivation.

Here are more specific tips for hydration in summer.


Summer Hydration Tips

  1. Do not count sodas, coffee, or strong black tea as hydrating. Take them out if possible or add extra water. For every cup of coffee, for example, you need to add an extra cup of water during the day.
  2. Listen to your thirst cues (if you’re young). Your lips will be dry and you will feel thirsty. However, if you are over 60 years old, your thirst mechanism will start to decrease and you can no longer rely on feeling thirsty. In that case, make sure you have water around you during the day. You may need to put a pitcher filled with water on the kitchen table and remember to drink it all by the end of the day to track your water intake. Your needs will vary depending e.g. on activity level or outside temperature and humidity.
  3. Always look at your urine color. If it is only pale yellow, you are hydrated. The darker yellow it is, the more dehydrated you are. This can only be tricky after taking B complex as your urine will look bright yellow from the supplement. Typically, your first-morning urine will be darker because you slept all night and did not hydrate, so naturally, it will be more concentrated.
  4. Rehydration is misunderstood. Refrain from energy drinks and post-exercise rehydration drinks if they contain any source of sugar or if they contain artificial sweeteners. The safest and healthiest option is drinking coconut water or adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt to a glass of water. Both contain electrolytes. Celtic sea salt is rich in electrolytes as well as many minerals. Some coaches are already promoting Celtic sea salt in the water to hydrate their athletes.
  5. More water is not better. Excess water can dilute electrolytes, cause swelling of the brain and even endanger your heart. Remember to watch the color of your urine and increase water intake with exercise or heat.
  6. What type of water you drink matters. Water has not been created equal either. Here are two types of popular water purification I do not recommend. Distilled water is unbalanced and is not beneficial long term as it is devoid of minerals. As such, it can create acidity and may lead to the leaching minerals from the body to balance the water, adding to chronic medical conditions, as shown in studies by the WHO. Reverse osmosis is wasteful and also depletes the body of minerals. Look for water filters that retain minerals please and if you are using reverse osmosis, you have to add mineral drops to every glass of water you drink.
  7. Tap water contains many impurities including traces of hormone-disruptive oral contraceptives and other medications, pesticides, herbicides, chloride, fluoride, and even heavy metals.
  8. Well water: People wrongly assume that well water is less contaminated than tap water. This is not true. I cited quite a few studies on that in my book The EBV Solution. YOu still want to test it and/or filter it.
  9. Restaurant water: Be aware that water served in restaurants and especially ice cubes mostly come from tap water.
  10. Get a water filter: Water filtration systems are a must in our current reality. Otherwise, your liver has to become your filter and that’s a lot to ask. Whatever you can afford – please filter your water. This way you can feel confident about your hydration not increasing your chemical load.
  11. Re-structured water? Molecular structure of water is something that is less discussed, but cooling water to the point of freezing will restructure water molecules and make it most compatible with the human body. Think about water freezing in winter and then melting. If this is not possible, whisk water in a glass for a while to create a vortex. It is free, easy, and fast, and since it doesn’t hurt you, see if you can test it and how that water tastes to you.
  12. Hydration for adrenals: If your adrenals are low functioning or very taxed (as in long-term stress), adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt to water will make that water not only taste better to you, but it will make that water more beneficial. Sodium becomes really important for adrenals.

Check out my post on Instagram for delicious ways to stay hydrated HERE. I’m just starting to make some waves on Instagram and would love it if you could share and save this content if you find it helpful!

Need more practical quick and easy fun projects for you and your children as well – for hydration and healthy delicious  “ice creams” you can whisk in 2 minutes? I put these and more of my favorite ideas into this E-Book: Delicious Hot Summer Steals.