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Recovery From Epstein Barr Virus is Possible

No matter what you’ve been told about living with Epstein-Barr Virus, it is possible to thrive. Our EBV Recovery Program is a proven, evidence-based system that can help you completely recover.

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How to Heal From Epstein Barr Virus

I’m Kasia Kines, CEO and Founder of EBV Global Institute and Doctor of Clinical Nutrition.

You’re probably like so many in our community, trying desperately to get better but not improving despite your best efforts. This is why I created a system that tackles EBV head-on!

My EBV Recovery Program includes:

  • Complete customization of your protocol with me in our 1-1 sessions
  • Ongoing access to me in our regular small group coaching calls
  • A vibrant and loving community of people just like you that gets you 100%
  • Evidence-based, proven and sustainable EBV supplement and food protocol
  • Encyclopedic resources for all your EBV-and-beyond needs, from co-infections to mold, to proper iron or thyroid lab panels, to healing your lymph, and a whole lot more!
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I will leave you with this:

EBV is treatable and reversible (Flavin, 2006).

EBV is predictable.

I’ve proven that with my clients many times over.

You just need the right system in place and a guide you can trust to help you heal.

Yes, you can absolutely recover. This is your time!

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