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Do you have such terrible brain fog that you forget things and struggle completing the simplest task? Is your fatigue so overwhelming that you have trouble walking from one room to the other? Have you wasted years and thousands of dollars on doctors and expensive labs only to be told to take an antidepressant and that it was in your head, which left you more depressed? Do you fear that this is the best your life will be?

That ends here.

For years, Dr. Kines was frustrated that there were certain clients she was not able to help no matter what she did, and how hard they tried, including those with some autoimmune disorders. Once she realized that EBV was the missing link, she did not stop until she developed a complete turn-key evidence-based methodology for EBV recovery, which has since helped many people get their lives back. Contrary to popular belief and an outdated opinion in the medical community, “Mononucleosis, an Epstein-Barr Viral EBV Infection, is treatable and rapidly reversible” (Flavin, 2006). With the right support, you CAN heal and reclaim your life!

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It is 4 pages of simple yes or no statements that will take just a minute, which Dr. Kines carefully curated based on medical literature and her clinical experience. She also provides it for doctors to share with their patients. This is an important step to take if you are not sure if you have EBV!

Test properly for EBV

Do you, like many people, struggle months to years finding a doctor to test you for EBV, only to then find out that the lab was incomplete? You may not know that there are direct to consumer labs that provide the right EBV antibodies, excellent service, a local lab for blood draw, and a result electronically available within 24 hours! Here is one. Do not waste your time and money and get your answers right away.

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Join many others who now have their lives back! In this ultimate EBV Recovery Program, leave behind the virus and FINALLY get your life back: run with your dog, have energy to play with your children, be able to work and travel again, have high energy all day, sleep through the night… No more ringing in the ears, pain, brain fog, headaches, 3am anxiety, “tanking” after the slightest exercise or a shopping trip… Finally live your life fully. It is your birth right. Let us help you get there!

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