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EBV Recovery Program

Welcome to your recovery and to reclaiming your life. This is the last EBV program you will never need. Join a group of EBV Heroes (see our EBV Hero Manifesto) like you and give Dr. Kines just 10 weeks to change your life!

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EBV Recovery Bundle

Let the specially designed supplement protocol jumpstart your recovery and give you energy back in as short as 3 weeks and sometimes even faster. It is our clients’ all-time favorite protocol. The Bundle includes the cost of the supplements and very specific guidelines, so you know exactly what to do and how to customize it for best results. It is very easy to follow, so it’s a perfect if you are stuck in a rut, just too fatigued and sick to do anything.

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Longer Commitment with the Goal of Healing from EBV

You have multiple complex issues that will require time and individual completely customized track. The best service for you is the Private Coaching Program (4, 6 or 12 months options).

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One Timer

You are not interested in committing to a program, doing homework, filling out paperwork, or having follow-ups. You just need a second opinion, resources, and want to make sure you are on the right track. Just one session!

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Online Spring Clean-Up and Tune-Up!!!

You are a self-starter and would rather do an online recorded program at your own pace to clean up your pantry, kitchen, learn how to shop and cook better, detox gently, get the right supplement and stress support, and start feeling so much better, all within 6 weeks if you follow the weekly schedule, but you will have  life-time access to all the materials. My success with EBV actually partly stems from this Program!!! You will see pieces of this Program in the Epstein-Barr Virus Solution book!!

Start now or learn more about the 30 Day Detox Program.

A Whole Day or Half a Day one-on-one with Dr. Kines

A Whole Day or Half a Day one-on-one with Dr. Kines, virtually, would be a perfect day for your needs.

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