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Live EBV Transformational Workshop

Don’t miss the next amazingly healing live workshop with me!

At a very modest investment of $47, you get to unwind, tap into your deeper heart and spirit, take a few deep breaths, and learn some simple but powerful EBV hacks that will help you move forward! We meet live for 2 hours on two consecutive days on zoom and you get to connect not only with me but, more importantly, with other EBV Heroes like you (the breakout rooms are our participants’ favorites!). And yes, if you enroll before we start, you can later watch all the recordings if you know you have to miss the live zooms. I look forward to meeting you there.

BONUS: After the 2 days, we continue a 5-Day Challenge with me and our fabulous EBV Certified Health Coach in our private Facebook group – to anchor the steps you just learned and to celebrate the new transformations together. This Challenge is completely free!

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5-Day EBV Challenge (on-demand)

If you prefer to start some deeper personal work on EBV on your own time and at your own pace, this is a perfect choice for you. It is similar to the Transformational Workshop. There is no zoom and no active Facebook group, and yet, you can benefit greatly from this Challenge! Your investment is only $27.

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EBV Recovery Program

Welcome to your recovery from Epstein-Barr Virus and to reclaiming your life. This is the last EBV program you will ever need and the only proven and evidence-based program for EBV that is also sustainable long term and even teaches you how to prevent reactivations!

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EBV Power Group

This is a perfect private coaching program if you would like to do it all: work closely with me and just a few other EBV Heroes in a small intimate group setting, and meet every other week together for 6 months, so I can be right there with you at every step of your EBV healing journey. The promise for this Program is not just physical healing from the virus, but a deeper transformation in your life. We open only 2 or 3 Power Groups a year and it is by application only (application is free, of course).

Next Step: Read more and apply for the next group if this is the perfect fit for you.

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