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Do you have such terrible brain fog that you forget what you were trying to say? Is your fatigue so overwhelming that you feel you are barely crawling out of bed to get to the kitchen?

Have you wasted years and thousands of dollars on doctors and expensive labs only to be told to take an antidepressant and that it was in your head? Do you fear that this is the best your life will be?

That ends here.

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You found your home!  Welcome!

I’m Kasia Kines, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. Welcome to your final destination: the ultimate EBV Solution and your healing from EBV once and for all. You’re probably like so many in our community, trying desperately to get better but not improving despite your best efforts. It’s just not acceptable to me – and that’s why I created a system that tackles EBV head-on!

Join my EBV Recovery Program: benefit from everything I have done with my own EBV clients over the years, helping them get their lives back – now available at the convenience of your own home and at your own pace! You will love our community and I will enjoy supporting you there and watching you take off!

You see, what doctors do not know is that EBV is treatable and reversible (Flavin, 2006). I’ve proven that with my clients many times over. EBV is predictable. You just need the right system in place. Yes, you can absolutely recover, which is what I want for you too. This is your time!

To your healing and joy! Dr. K

Do You Have EBV?

These are simple yes and no questions I carefully curated based on medical research and my clinical experience. The survey will take you just a minute. The symptoms and medical conditions EBV hides behind may surprise you!

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Test Properly for EBV

You can get the right test for EBV even if you don’t have a doctor willing to do it. Here is one direct-to-consumer lab that does it right: you can test locally and get the report electronically the next day! (US only)

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Take the Next Step

Knowing where to start with your EBV is a challenge. Clarity Session will save you time, energy, money, and unnecessary disappointing investments. We look forward to helping you out!

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Ready to heal from EBV and reclaim your life?

I invite you to take a leap of faith and jump into the EBV Recovery Program…

so that you can FINALLY live your life and pursue your dreams!

The last EBV program you’ll ever need!

Join many others who now have their lives back! In the EBV Recovery Program, leave behind the virus and FINALLY get your life back: run with your dog, have energy to play with your children, be able to work and travel again, have high energy all day, sleep through the night…

No more ringing in the ears, pain, brain fog, headaches, 3AM anxiety, “tanking” after the slightest exercise or a shopping trip…

Finally live your life fully. It is your birth right. Do it at your own pace and connect with me on our monthly Q&A call so that I can personally support you!

EBV Recovery Program