There are a few really relevant updates on EBV and EMF that have been on my mind recently.

How is EMF relevant to Microbes like EBV?

According to Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD, 1 inch of black mold on the wall produces 20-40 mycotoxins in 24 hours,  but when exposed to EMF like Wi-Fi, it produces 2000. Microbes exposed to EMF feel threatened and their self-defense is to produce toxins. In that scenario, mold is threatened, and it produces mycotoxins, which in turn, make individuals who are highly sensitive to toxic molds severely ill.

How does Mycotoxicity from EMF Relate to EBV?

First of all, toxic mold makes recovery from EBV almost impossible, so that needs to be the first course of action. In terms of EBV, even a very conservative EMF exposure, much lower than Wi-Fi, has been shown to reactivate EBV, as was shown in an old and forgotten study.

In the past I made a logical conclusion that, just like EBV reactivates when exposed to toxins such as dioxin, it would be “feeding” off EMF. However, if the studies Dr. Klinghardt refers to are right, that is not what may be happening. In fact, it might mean that the virus feels threatened by environmental toxins (like dioxins) and EMF and becomes more aggressive and more virulent as it tries to defend itself. Of course, for a person who is reactivated, the logic behind the behavior probably does not matter that much. The bottom line is that you reactivate and feel like that truck ran you over again.

What is the Bottom Line if you Have Chronic Active EBV?

From my clinical perspective, EBV is quite predictable and does respond to the therapy I lined up in the EBV Solution book. Where things get complicated is exactly circumstances like EMF, added mold, heavy metal toxicity etc. Now, if microbes are so highly sensitive to EMF, that explains why people with EBV get so much sicker and why EBV is harder to work with until we decrease that EMF exposure.

This brings the EMF much closer to urgency than we preciously believed. If you are one of the cases that does not improve with all wonderful anti-EBV things you are trying, reducing EMF may be one of the things you need to do first. There are many more details about EMF in the book (I wrote a whole chapter on it with the help of an EBV expert Risa Suzuki)

I also wrote blog on EBV and EMF and one on EMF and cell phone safety, if you would like to read more. In the meantime….

What Can you Do to Decrease your EMF Today?

  • Smart Meters: Check if you have one installed. If so, get a smart meter guard! Look at the photo at the top of this blog. It shows you the difference between the analog and smart meter. If you cannot buy a guard, contact your electricity provider and request a removal (unless you live in PA, where you do not have an option to refuse a smart meter at this time, I am afraid).
  • Wi-Fi: Put it in a box: I know it works because it is based on simple principles of physics. We have this box, and as a result, depending where I position my laptop, I can get a very slow connection. It does work! The least you can do is preset your Wi-Fi on line via your provider to at least turn it off every night at the time you designate.
  • Get a JRS router
  • Ethernet and other solutions:
  • Harapad – I use their laptop harapad and their low EMF ear piece
  • Less EMF is an old-looking website, but they have excellent products too, a lot of them, as well as good customer service. I used their bag for our Wi-Fi router way back in Baltimore. Regretfully, our current router is much too large and thus we had to box it.