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Author Dr. Kasia Kines is considered by her colleagues to be “one of the most brilliant, and importantly, clinically experienced functional nutritionists in the world.” In The Epstein Barr Virus Solution, Dr. Kines provides a groundbreaking examination of EBV and not only how it causes chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer but also how recovery is possible. The Epstein Barr Virus Solution was written in hopes that it will globally change the way EBV is understood, diagnosed, and treated.

The deep journey into the existing research sheds light on the EBV virus for both the seasoned medical community and the layperson. Along with the validated research, The Epstein Barr Virus Solution presents practical, time-tested, and evidence-based clinical solutions for the testing and medical nutrition treatment of EBV.

The Epstein Barr Virus Solution helps those suffering to identify whether they should seek testing for EBV. Through Dr. Kines’ compassionate guidance, readers will feel confident to discuss their concerns with their doctors, to ask for testing, and to take their lives back from EBV. The Epstein Barr Virus Solution urges medical providers to hear their clients’ concerns and provides the medical community with the research and insights needed to avoid misdiagnosis and common problems with testing for EBV.

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