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Welcome to the EBV Recovery Program!

The EBV Recovery Program has grown out of Dr. Kines’ research and clinical practice. Dr. Kines distilled everything she has learned over the years that has been effective in working with people with chronic or acute EBV in order to create a program that can help any person with EBV change their health trajectory and get better.

The program has 8 monthly modules that focus on the most important aspects of the virus, and additional weeks are added for the onboarding and for graduation and celebration. This is a whole-person approach and it is strategic and focused, while action steps are simple, practical, effective and doable, geared towards a person that is not well, is not thinking at optimal speed, and does not have optimal energy. This is the client population Dr. Kines works with every day, and so the Program reflects the needs and challenges of the EBV population.

The participants start and graduate at the same time, join a private Facebook community of the other like-minded people in the Program, and also enjoy weekly live coaching/ Q&A teleconferences with Dr. Kines. You are on this journey together.

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