Thank You for Joining the Newsletter!

Welcome to my practice!!! I am so thrilled you found us and are on a healing journey. I hope together with my team, I can provide plenty of support for you!

I just want to make sure you know how many resources are already available for you and what is coming:

  1. is for anyone with EBV questions! We continue adding more pages and more helpful information, the book is coming soon and so is an online EBV Recovery Program!
  2. is our main website with years of helpful materials I have collected for your wellness over the years. Especially check Resources and blogs, video blogs, podcasts and hundreds and hundreds of recipes with recipe blogs. There are wellness resources as well, which include water filtration and EMF support to name a few. is going to get a major facelift later in summer – as we feel it is getting a little old looking and it has so much content but it is not easy to find things!! So this is our anti-aging therapy for our website!
  3. We will also be building another website dedicated just to clinicians that want to work with patients with EBV and train under me!!!
  4. We do our best to provide meaningful newsletters for you twice a month, whether you need help with EBV, SIBO or other health challenges.

Between my two websites and the newsletters, I hope you will find many good resources for your healing journey!!! And if you have more specific requests, feel free to email us back!

Thank you again for joining us.

To your Health and Wellness!

Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition