The EBV Challenge is an exciting five-day live event that was led by me, which is now recorded for your convenience.

If you decide to join the Challenge, you are my EBV Hero! Here is our EBV Manifesto for you to download and display proudly.

We focused our Challenge on five areas that I find always need support and can be profoundly healing, so that you can start the healing process before you dive deeper into EBV work. These five days of changing the way you feel, think, or act towards yourself and your EBV will make a really deep shift that will help you move forward!

What’s Included in the 5-Day EBV Challenge:

  • Five Daily EBV Challenge Documents (PDF)
  • Five Daily Zoom Meeting Recordings (Video and Audio options)
  • “What’s Next” Follow-up Documents (PDF)

What’s Not Included in the 5-Day EBV Challenge:

  • Unfortunately, since the live Challenge is now closed, the Facebook group where we hosted the community during the live event is not open.