Berkey was created for natural emergencies where there is only access to lake or river water- this filter is so reputable that such water is safe to drink after filtering through it. I would recommend a traveling Berkey (the smallest size) for travel. I packed my into the suitcase when I traveled abroad and used it all the time. Berkey has many sizes depending on your water needs- their website will guide you. I would strongly recommend to get a size big enough to allow PF2, two extra white fluoride filters. This is an extra bonus of this filter. We currently live in a home where we were not able to install PureH20, so Berkey is what we use. We also relied on it during renovation, when we had to filter the bathroom water. It is free standing and you have to fill water every day in order to rip the benefits! But it is really worth it. Similarly to PureH20, Berkey retains the minerals in the water, which is very important. Remember not to get reverse osmosis because the minerals are leached out of water during the purification process.

If you are looking at a particular filter to buy, make sure it meets NSF/ANSI standard 53. It is important that the filter is certified by National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International, which is a very reputable third party testing laboratory for filtration system. Berkey is very reputable but refuses to certify through NSF due to the high cost of annual maintenance of it, which would be about $320,000 for the company. Instead, test results they have done though independent third parties suggest that they meet the NSF standard 53 and exceeded it. Details are available on their website.

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