What is Epstein-Barr Virus?

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is a human herpes virus 4 (HHV-4), one of the eight known herpes viruses. It is ancient and may have existed for 90-100 million years. It is one of the most common human viruses on our planet, with 95% or more of the global population carrying the antibodies to it. Most carriers do not have symptoms or reinfections. But some do, often with devastating, life-altering, and even life-threatening health consequences. *


Signs & Symptoms of EBV

  • Significant fatigue (feeling like a truck ran you over)
  • Myalgia (muscle pain); body aches; malaise
  • Cervical lymph node enlargement
  • May become temporarily bed ridden
  • Pharyngitis
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Rashes
  • Enlarged liver
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Decreased appetite
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Eyelid edema
  • Even vomiting
More Signs & Symptoms of EBV

Could you have Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus infection?


Meet Dr. Kasia Kines

Dr. Kasia Kines is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition from MUIH (Maryland University of Integrative Health), a graduate of the very first cohort of the very first doctoral functional nutrition program created by Dr. Liz Lipski, PhD.

She is the CEO of Holistic Nutrition Naturally LLC and EBV Educational Institute.

She has been in clinical practice since 2005, helping close to 2,000 clients, one at a time, with complicated health issues such as gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), which is currently her main focus. Her virtual clinic serves people around the world. Because she works in depth with each individual, she takes only a limited number of new clients at a time.

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