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We are working a very special online EBV Recovery Program to launch later this fall. But i do not want you to wait. In the meantime, start working on your wellness and join our current 30-Day Detox Program!

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Welcome to the 30 Day Detox Program!

(It is actually a self-paced 6-week program with life-time access!!!)

I have taught this Program for years, first in groups in person, which included me cooking a whole 5 course meal for everyone, and now online (cooking videos instead now) for your convenience, and I have seen it change many lives. It is not so much a hard core detoxification program as more of a core, foundational nutrition makeover, very well grounded, healing, nourishing, where I re-teach you everything you know about foods for healing, stress, gut, inflammation, and unprecedented toxicity levels we stew in. Incidentally, pretty much everything in this program applies directly to your EBV and research as well as amazing results people have had are a proof.

How does the 30 Day Program fit into EBV?

What happened over the years is that I realized that this program was a perfect anti-EBV program: toxicity increases the risk of EBV reactivation, so do inflammation (e.g. NFkB), oxidative stress, EMF, poor glucose regulation (e.g. hypoglycemia), poor nutritional status, stress, and more. We even address GMOs, microwaving, and water filtration pitfalls. Did you know that certain water filters can cause demineralization of water and drop pH to a level that EBV prefers in order to lyse and reactivate??? We share delicious healing recipes, we walk you through a pantry rehab, and we created videos that walk you through cooking and shopping!!!  In fact, The Recovery part of my best-selling book The Epstein-Barr Solution is rooted in this Program! You can take as little or as much as you need. It will still change your life for better. I so hope you will take a leap and join it!

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