Castor oil packs can actually do really good work for a person with Epstein Barr Virus.

As a busy clinician, working with chronically ill, exhausted and brain-foggy people, I always look for non-invasive, simple, practical, affordable, and effective tools that multitask.

What endears me to castor oil packs is how versatile they are and how simple and non-mess my favorite castor oil packs are. Plus, we also have research to support the claims about the benefits of castor oil packs that have been in place for centuries, including in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

You can be so sick and really fatigued that you may not feel up for much, but I can assure you: you CAN apply a castor oil pack so easily. And reap the benefits! All you need is 1 to 1.5 hours on your belly bout 1 hour before sleep. Even better, put it on and go to bed. That is all.

Let me start with some of the stellar support castor oil packs provide specifically for those with EBV:

  • Liver support: liver is so overburdened by EBV, oxidation byproducts, and toxins from its metabolism; sometimes your liver is literally targeted by the virus (autoimmune hepatitis)
  • Lymph support: after your liver, lymphatic system is the second most critical organ system that is dangerously inflamed due to the accumulated toxic load from EBV
  • Antioxidant support: I always teach our community that EBV creates such massive amounts of oxidative stress (one of the reasons you feel so poorly) that your priority should be to focus on antioxidants in diet and supplements. Castor oil packs provide this support too! [For more on antioxidants in diet, visit our EBV Diet page]
  • Anti-Inflammatory support: chronic and acute EBV infections are highly inflammatory conditions; you may have a newly found appreciation for inflammation in our COVID reality (you have probably heard about the dangerous inflammatory process called cytokines storm)
  • Stress support: Of all triggers that can activate EBV, stress is the number one culprit. There is commonly a tragic or deeply stressful event or a series of circumstances that a person can remember that would cause EBV to turn on. Many in our community have lived in chronic stress due to life’s circumstances, and of course, adding the chronic insidious virus to the mix causes even more stress.

When we don’t feel good, we can sometimes lose FAITH in our bodies’ ability to heal. Dr Marisol, ND, who is behind this modern version of castor oil packs, reminds us that they are one of the only lifestyle practices that support the 5 foundational functions of health and healing. And that is why she created an acronym for it: FAITH! Which I find is right on the money!

The acronym FAITH tells us what castor oil packs help improve:

F – Function of Digestion, Absorption and Elimination

A – Antioxidant Status (as we just stated)

I  – Inflammation Regulation (as we just stated)

T – Tension And Stress Reduction (as just stated)

H – Host Microbial Balance

Castor oil packs used to be quite messy historically. But I love Dr. Marisol’s Queen of the Thrones packs because they are an easy, at-home health ritual, done in 2 simple steps, that create massive improvement in your health to help you regain FAITH in your body.

Do you often wonder how you can show up for others in your life, if you don’t feel great yourself?  I’ve learned that, to take care of my loved ones, I need to make time for myself.

Castor Oil packs will be a great ritual for you to help cultivate time for yourself!

Check out the video I did with Sherri McKnight of Queen of the Thrones to answer all your questions (if you are in the EBV Recovery Program, we created an entire new module on Castor Oils Packs  in the Library)

We started by discussing the most important benefits of castor oil packs for EBV, but the list is even more impressive than that:

  1. Relaxation & deep sleep
  2. Better bowel movements, digestion and absorption (for constipation and diarrhea)
  3. Detoxification support
  4. Reducing bloating
  5. Less gas and a healthier microbiome
  6. Post-surgery applications to help prevent adhesions
  7. Helping with existing abdominal adhesions and scarring
  8. PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis support
  9. Hormonal support
  10. Hair support
  11. Support for tumors and cancer
  12. Thyroid support – yes, there is a tiny thyroid castor oil pack available!

And the list goes on.


The only time you should not use castor oil packs is during pregnancy and right after a surgery when skin is still healing from incision.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it! When you do your pack, you know that it helps all of your other health practices work better. And the best part is it is EASY and requires minimal energy to do! The innovative design allows you to wear it through the night so that it works its magic while you sleep!!!

If you don’t have a Castor Oil Pack Kit yet, here’s the link to purchase it
with an exclusive discount for our community: DRKINES10

Make sure you watch our video. We discussed so many juicy and yummy tips and pearls about castor oil packs; for example:

  • How to support female hormones throughout a cycle by alternating the liver pack and the pelvic pack
  • How and when to wash it (in the dishwasher!) and how not to wash it
  • How/where/how much of castor oil to apply to the pack
  • How to store it
  • When to replace the pack with a new one
  • How Dr. Sherri got her hair to grow again and some other amazing case stories
  • And more – if you watch us, you will know exactly how to maximize your castor oil packs!