The EBV Challenge Group is created for the 5 Days of Daily EBV Challenge, an exciting 5-day live event that I will be leading.

This group is open to all. All participants are EBV Heroes and by joining here, you acknowledge that you respect our EBV Manifesto.

While I am working 24/7 to create more support for people with EBV, there is a difference between free support and a clinical one-on-one coaching or paid trainings that will take you much deeper.

So, naturally, I will not be able to answer more complex personal clinical questions within this group setting – instead we will be focusing our Challenge on 5 areas that I find always need support and can be profoundly healing, so that you can start the healing process before you dive deeper into EBV work.

These 5 days of changing the way you feel, think, or act towards yourself and your EBV will make a real deep shift that will help you move forward!

What’s encouraged:

  • Join us in the EBV Challenge Facebook Group for an engaging daily conversations with me and other group members.
  • Share your experience before and during the Challenge with the particular daily topic FREELY with all of us.
  • Celebrate with us any a-ha moments, shifts, and any big decisions or changes moving forward that result from the daily challenge.
  • Ask questions related to the challenges to get all the support you need.
  • Give love. Received even more love.

What will cause a removal from the group:

  • Disrespect of others, criticizing others, making negative comments
  • Promoting programs, products, supplements, practitioners, websites
  • We will be focused on the challenge and therefore I will not be able to answer questions that relate to the various other aspects of EBV in the interest of us not losing the focus. Persons that continue to use this group as a place to ask anything and everything related to EBV will have to be removed from the group.

By signing up, you agree to the guidelines above.

“Dr. Kasia Kines 5-Day EBV Challenge was so beneficial to me. I would recommend this challenge to anyone struggling with EBV. Dr. Kines wealth of knowledge and positive-caring energy really got me thinking about ways I can support my body, so that it has the environment it needs to heal.

Just a few items discussed:

  • How healing starts with our thoughts
  • Our body has not betrayed us, it’s working for us 24/7
  • Letting go of the fear and anxiety that this virus can cause
  • How stress is detrimental to our healing
  • How to protect our Energy
  • Healing foods that help to combat EBV

These are just a handful of items discussed during the 5-Day Challenge. After the challenge I felt more empowered, less isolated, and have been given many tools and suggestions to help with my recovery. Thank you Dr. Kines for your time and insight, it truly has changed my mindset on how to approach EBV.”

- Judi Paquet

“The EBV Challenge has been very helpful in my quest for vibrant health; I am now very optimistic that I CAN and WILL get my life back! Thanks to this Challenge, I now understand that EBV triggers exist, which explains why various things over the years have made me feel worse. I’ve learned about some things I need to do differently to lessen those effects, as well as some things I can do to help my body begin healing. Dr. Kasia touched upon some key nutrition points that are easy to implement right away. Managing stress is crucial to our well-being!

Dr. Kasia is passionately dedicated to helping people learn how to recover their health; she generously gave her time and enthusiasm, numerous tools and a wealth of information that is presented in a way that is not too overwhelming for someone who is not feeling well. The 5 daily exercises were simple things we practiced or discussed during the Challenge, then were compassionately encouraged to continue on our own. This Challenge is an easy, excellent beginning to taking charge of your health, and it will empower you to take the next steps that work for you. THANK YOU, Dr. Kasia. I’m grateful for all you’re doing to help people challenged by EBV.”

- Julie A

“Dr Kasia, I just watched all the videos and complete the PDFs, I want to say THANK YOU, for everything, for your effort, your time and your commitment about EBV, thank you for offer us such an incredible and valuable information, I really appreciate your help, I’m grateful for all your work and passion about this, I really enjoy the challenge and the exercises were practical. Thanks for help people to recover their health:)), I wish more people suffering from EBV knew bout this, and I’ll spread the information to reach at least 1 million people.”

- Óscar Rios L.

“The 5-Day EBV Challenge exceeded my expectations. It opened new horizons for me. I engaged in a lot of introspective thought about my life and how it might be influencing the progression of my case of EBV. I began to remember what activities brought me joy and why. One of these activities was the research on a topic I found fascinating and was hoping to write a book about. When I “crashed” in Jan 2015 my work on this project was abandoned because of the illness as well as other reasons. My NP suggested my problem might be adrenal fatigue; I treated for that. Then I was convinced it was my thyroid; a naturopathic doctor helped with that. But still not feeling as well as I wanted, in March last year I went to a new doctor. She tested for EBV and that’s when I was diagnosed with EBV. Since then I have had a real struggle; but when I read about everyone’s experiences in our Challenge group, I realize how blessed I have been. This community has simply been  amazing!

That brings me back to what helps me have joy, which was part of the EBV Challenge. Bottom line – because of this Challenge, I decided that project of research brought me joy.I realized that—my project will be my therapy! That was an epiphany for me! With the tools I learned this past week in the EBV Challenge, I will employ these practices to keep me from trying to get it perfect and not to let the project consume me—which is something I usually do. AND because I am engaged in something that brings me joy, it will be easier to think positively about my EBV symptoms and in the end turn it off!

The opportunity to be a part of this group has been precious to me. I am grateful for Dr. Kines’ and everyone’s comments and encouragement. May we all move forward with a renewed spirit of determination to turn off EBV for good!

Thank you so much Dr. Kaisa Kines for providing this 5-day EBV Challenge!”

- Sherrie Smith

“Thank you so much for this challenge. It was helpful to be lead through portions of your book and philosophy…I had many ah-ha moments and I was encouraged to keep going after a few months of feeling a little lost and in the weeds. Not only was I impressed that you offered this for FREE, but you further gained my trust by never making me feel like you did this just to gain more followers or to sell more books, etc. I genuinely felt like you formed this challenge because you want to reach a lot of people and help them. Thanks for that. I have been a part of groups like this before only to be discouraged and put off by the amount of self promotion and advertising by the leaders of the group. Instead, you offered us incredibly valuable information and made us feel like you care. As a recipient of the 1/2 hour call (still so amazed that I was picked!), I am amazed further. What you offered to us (the time, the advice) would be hundreds of dollars at any functional doctor…and you shared out of the goodness of your heart. I’m still trying to figure out, “Did I get to chat with THE author of a book I’m reading?! Did I really get her specific recommendations?! Was it really free?!” Thank you for sharing. Thank you for caring. It means a lot!”

- Mariah Armstrong

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