Three Reasons Why Your EBV Supplements Are Failing You

Your loved ones and the world need you… and a complete recovery from this devastating virus is now not only possible but it is available. Supplements are the easiest first step and can be a game changer, but why are they not delivering? Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready to move forward and live your life?

YES! I Am Ready to Hear the Truth about EBV Supplements and Healing from EBV

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024
at 4:00 pm PST

90-Minute Online Transformational Workshop:

Three Reasons Why Your EBV Supplements Are Failing You


During this Small Group Workshop I will be walking you through the process of what it takes to actually set yourself up for success in your goal of healing from EBV and living your life again.

This is the process I take my EBV Recovery Program students through, starting with the right supplements, to allow them to walk away from EBV and create a life of their desires.

Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • Three most common reasons why your EBV supplements fail you

  • Why some supplements that are supposed to be the solution can actually hurt you

  • Why the right supplements are foundational to your recovery but cannot be used in isolation and what else you will need to recover

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 at 4:00 pm PST
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 It’s time to strategize your supplements and uplevel your approach to EBV, so you can actually really heal from it.

Why have we decided to do this Workshop
only Live, Camera On, and No Replays?

Please note that we decided not to offer replays of this live workshop. Transformation does not happen when watching a recording. It happens when you are live with a community and are in that flowing energy.

We have also come to understand that our participants really value this experience as a safe container, where they share vulnerable parts of themselves. We want this live event to be a sacred and safe space for you to feel comfortable sharing your journey.

Please plan to have your camera on so we can connect with you and truly get to know you to be able to help you work through the difficulties you have faced. No need to worry that it will be recorded or watched later by people you did not meet during the live event. Other brave EBV Heroes will be on the call as well cheering you on as you tackle your fears and limitations together.

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 from 4-5:30 pm PST

Yes! I Want to Hear the Truth about EBV Supplements and Healing from EBV

You are going to walk away from the
90-Minute Transformational Workshop…

  • Understanding why your EBV supplement regimen has not delivered
  • Knowing the best options to completely recover from EBV
  • Understanding why you need to make changes to recover from EBV
  • Having created the mindset shifts necessary to make these changes stick!

About Your Host: Dr. Kasia Kines

Kasia Kines is the founder and CEO of EBV Global Institute and a global leader in EBV.

She is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition with almost 20 years of clinical expertise, including Johns Hopkins, previously specializing in complex gastrointestinal conditions and infections, especially SIBO, autoimmunity,  e.g. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and environmental toxicity.

Because of the success helping her patients recover from EBV, in 2018, she wrote an Amazon best-seller The Epsteain-Barr Virus Solution, closed her 1-1 practice, and put all her focus, knowledge, and clinical expertise into her signature EBV Recovery Program, which she has been teaching since 2019.

Her passion is to debunk prevailing mis-information about EBV both in medical practice and in the population struggling with this virus and to train doctors and people with EBV in her recovery process. Her EBV Recovery Program is the only evidence-based, predictable, sustainable and proven process of complete recovery from the virus in the world.

What Others Are Saying About Working with Dr. Kasia Kines

The BEST program and best coach out there! :heart: Thank you Dr. Kasia Kines :heart: for having this program and for giving me my life back. It’s a very different one from the before EBV but it is now sooooo much better thanks to your passion and your mission to help us with EBV heal and navigate through the darkness.”


“I first read Dr. Kines’ amazing book and soon realized I needed more help to navigate my healing journey, so joined the program. Her very in-depth knowledge is impressive, but it’s her passion, accessibility, and generosity that made me take the leap — I actually got a slower start in the program because I was enjoying the free 5-day series so much! The program itself is huge and a lot to “digest”, but she has a talent for making it understandable and enjoyable and a slow pace is encouraged. I’m looking forward to healing and even possibly becoming stronger than I was before EBV, which feels possible with this info and help.”


Anyone else is feeling the emotion of JOY? Strangest thing, started my Jumpstart Bundle last Wednesday and by Friday I was feeling Joyful…something I never feel?! Then Monday I had a dream (which I don’t do much of) that left me feeling joyful after awakening? Loving it!!!”


“Thank you for giving me space to voice this, as I’ve never had someone who truly understands the impact EBV has emotionally. This group is one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. The common ground we share is unmatched in my day-to-day relationships.”


I didn’t realize the anxiety EBV was causing me! The past couple of years I have been terrified when I’m riding in the car to the point when I didn’t think I could enjoy the road anymore. We are driving today and I’m not totally terrified and filled with constant anxiety! And I am not crashing!!


What Are You Waiting For?
It’s Time to Hear the Truth about EBV Supplements and Healing from EBV

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 at 4:00 pm PST

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